Cotton Nighttime Undies Trainers; Midnight


When does night training turn to bedwetting? Who knows! What I do know is that sigh of relief when I'm not having to buy more disposables. Just grab 2 or 3 overnight overnight underwear and move on to something bigger. Now it doesn't matter how long this process takes. Problem solved!

These overnight underwear are for kids who wet at night, whether that's from night training, or bedwetting. I know they say "underwear" but the levels of function built into these are insane! Click here to see what I mean.

How Are These Overnight Underwear Made?

Our overnight underwear work for boys and girls. We’ve built in some simple adjustments you can use to self modify them according to your needs. Not all boys will need the front folded, but the option is there! Nighttime Undies also have a build in size adjustment in the waistband to help you get a good fit and make these undies last longer.

These crazy awesome overnight underwear are sewn one at a time. We employ skilled seamstresses to work out of their home, allowing them the freedom to work at their own pace and stay close to their loved ones. We receive small batches of various prints and sizes each week so if you see something you like, make sure you grab it before it's gone! You can find your size here.

A pair of super undies overnight underwear can last up to 3 years in size, but 6 years of regular use! That means that by supplying your kiddo with just a few pairs of undies they will have a healthy rotation, colorful fun options to choose from every night, and no pressure to NOT wet anymore. Once you have Super Undies your done buying a never-ending supply of disposables, and no extra laundry is generated. Just throw your overnight underwear in with a load of towels you are already washing. Find complete wash instructions here.

Made in American
100% Polyester
Choices that state "cotton" are 100% polyester outer and 100% cotton absorbency inside

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