The strongest bedwetting diaper out there

Hero Undies Are Bedwetting Diapers In Disguise

Bedwetting Diapers; Hero Undies

Outrageous Absorbency

The Hero Insert Snaps into place inside the Hero Undies. A Step-up Inserts slips into a pocket on the Hero Insert, holding it securely in place and boosting absorbency.

How Bedwetting Diapers Look Inside

Brilliant Contruction

Comfy fleece wrap the legs, while heavy duty waterproofing redirects wetness to the Hero Insert. 

Nighttime Underwear, Cow Print

Waterproof Leg Gussets

Waterproof gussets hug the legs, making these Undies very effective for side sleepers. 

Bedwetting Diapers for Bigger Kids

Strong Waterproofing

Super Undies are made with PUL, which is a thinly laminated non-wicking fabric. PUL has a soft drapey feel to it, is waterproof in nature, but allows more breathability than disposable diapers

Adjustable Absorbency

Underwear for night time potty training and bedwetting should be very absorbent and accommodate whatever your child can put out without leaking, but still allow the child to feel wet. This helps create the brain/body connection necessary to work through nighttime potty training, and that's exactly what our Hero Undies do! 

Handmade in America

We are hand-made in American by moms, right out of their home. They are provided with industrial sewing machines, and they are tested for expert skill. Working from home allows them to provide an income for their families, while still being with their babies :)

Because of our unique business model in supporting work-at-home-moms, we get shipments in throughout the week. We don't always know what is coming in, so if you see something you like grab it! 

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Perform a cold water rinse
Run a Hot Wash Cycle -Use detergent you trust.
Dry on Medium
No bleach, no fabric softener
That’s it!

Hero Undies are a direct replacement for UnderJams or GoodNites. They are deconstructed in nature, where the absorbent pad snaps in to the underwear. They are 20% more absorbent than our Nighttime Undies, and have added waterproof leg gussets. 

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Hero Undies; Pink


Kids peeing the bed is a normal part of life. You can see bedwetting in children drop as a child gets older, but there is no way to tell when a child will stop peeing the bed. Hero Undies are DOUBLE waterproof, featuring all around gussets and 5 layers of absorbency. That’s well over your average cloth diaper or disposable diaper capacity. Hero Undies offer flexibility like no other. Our flexible absorbency system can convert the undies from daytime to nighttime and back again, simply by adding or removing the step-up insert. Their internal construction is brilliant!

  • 100% Waterproof design
  • Internal waterproof gussets at legs and waist offer 360°  extra waterproof protection
  • Standard boxer/brief style waistband for discretion, even if they peak out.
  • Thick 5 layer flexible absorbency system can be snapped in and out for quick replacement without changing the briefs. Insert system can be used with one insert, or the included two inserts joined together;
  • Bigger sizes for older bedwetting children

Although cloth may seem expensive at first, when you really look at the cost it's not! You can even make cloth cheaper when you buy a 3 pack. Your kiddo can feel better about bedwetting if you take away the disposable baby-like diaper and give him a practical solution that looks more like real underwear.

Hero Undies will empower your child to own their situation by giving them full control over bedwetting, no longer relying on you to buy them expensive diapers, and you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your part to help the environment.

If you're wondering if these will really work for you, consider this before you buy them :) Super Undies offers two style of bedwetting underwear. Make an informed decision by checking out what the difference between each is.

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Disposables bedwetting products cost a family over $600. That's the cost of a brand new cell phone! Super Undies saves money, and saves the planet :)

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