Heavy Duty Absorbent Cloth Diapers For Adults

Cloth Diapers For Adults

We offer two options for cloth diapers for adults.

#1  The Protective Briefs are industrial cloth incontinence underwear with heavy-duty protection. Their unique design is perfect for an active lifestyle, or folks in the work place. Their incognito appearance brings a sense of normality to incontinence, so you won't have to worry about anyone knowing about this issue, even it they see the waistband. No one could possibly tell this is a cloth diaper! Protective Briefs can absorb between 500-800 ml of fluid(depending on size,) making them the most absorbent cloth product on the market and out performing any disposable. Waterproof leg guards protect against leaks, and their snap-in/snap-out absorbency system let's you change in public with ease.  These undies can securely get you back in the community setting with nothing to worry about. They handle the rigors of incontinence with excellence, all while providing a dignified appearance.  They are outstanding for nighttime as well.

Second Cloth Diaper for Adults - Super Undies

#2 Nighttime Undies were requested time and time again in larger sizes by customers seeking cloth diapers for adults. The main difference between the Nighttime Undies and Protective Briefs is a soft fluffy waistband, and an "all-in-one" absorbency style. This means that all the absorbency needed is built into the undies.  They are built for comfort and hold between 450-700 ml of fluid depending on size. More absorbency can be added as necessary. 

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