Adult Nighttime Undies Are Being Discontinued - Now 30% off!

Strong Waterproofing

Our adult diapers are a pull-on style diaper of fluffy waterproofy goodness, that will leave you feeling dry and comfortable. . They are world-class waterproof cloth diapers for adult incontinence, wrapped in the guise of underwear - WITH flexible absorbency! 

Adjustable Absorbency

Our adult diapers contain four layers of microfiber and are designed with a pocket for additional booster pads. Soaker Bombs or Inserts can be placed in more strategic areas based on your needs. Feel free to fold a Step-up insert in half and place it in front, where more absorbency might be required. 

Handmade in America

We are hand-made in American by moms, right out of their home. They are provided with industrial sewing machines, and they are tested for expert skill. Working from home allows them to provide an income for their families, while still being with their babies :)Because of our unique business model in supporting work-at-home-moms, we get shipments in throughout the week. We don't always know what is coming in, so if you see something you like grab it! 

More Info

Perform a cold water rinse
Run a Hot Wash Cycle -Use detergent you trust.
Dry on Medium
No bleach, no fabric softener
That’s it!

Adult Nighttime Undies - On SALE

Adult Nighttime Undies are being discontinued and are ON SALE - 30% off, No Coupon Necessary. These items are final sale. 

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