Protective Brief Set; Rose - Size XL


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Incontinence Underwear For Women

We get it. My grandmother would come over for a visit, and I LOVED to see her, but we had to set up the chairs in advance so we didn't have to call the cleaners after she left. It's so sad, but it's also the truth. I would hate for any relationship to be dampened because of incontinence. These are full coverage, waterproof incontinence underwear for woman, complete with adorable little roses! 

The absorbency is adjustable. Just use the snap-in pad for a trim look, and  full coverage. Boost that pad with it's second one for a heavy duty absorbency level. 

Incontinence underwear for women

I'm proud of what we've made here. Threaded Armor has waterproof gussets on ALL side, both legs and top front and back, to continually redirect wetness to the absorbent core. These work as daytime or nighttime incontinence underwear for woman. We got you.  

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